Update October 4th

Planting reaches new heights

This year most of our plantings have been done in a new area further up the Maara Roa track to the east of the Porirua College boundary.    We are grateful to the College for letting us park in their grounds, saving us the long walk from our previous meeting place at the Cannon’s Creek shopping centre.

The site is overlooked by “Glenys’s Seat” which has been in place for some time and was named in honour of Glenys Evans, a long-time supporter and pest control worker, who died last year.  Most of the site was cleared by mulcher last year and is being sprayed to keep weeds under control.

We have only added 600 new plants this year, all from stocks at our nursery at Aotea College.  Planting started late, because of lockdown restrictions. As the main new planting area is quite dry, we have decided not to plant anything more until the 2022 planting season, so have had to turn down some volunteer offers.   ESR and Praxis who have contributed in the past were not able to do so this year.

Our thanks to the two groups who have been able to help: Outward Bound with a group from Porirua College (on 29 September) and Caritas on 2 October. 

These photos by Julie Daly show how far up the hill we are with the latest plantings. They show some of the plantings beside the track on the way up to Glenys’s Seat along with an overview of the plantings from beside Glenys’s seat looking back down the hill towards Glenview School in the distance.

Caritas planters are experts

This is the third year that a group from Caritas has come along to help us with the planting, and on Saturday  2 October they showed they are experts, planting a large number of new trees and setting them up with protective sleeves and wires.  Thank you, Caritas, your group made a big difference!

With thanks to Amanda Gregan for the photos below which include a good demonstration of placing protective sleeves and wires.

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