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Maara Roa - Forest restoration and conservation

Maara Roa is a forest restoration project at Cannons Creek Valley near Porirua.  Its purpose is to restore the Bush back to what it was before the people who ruined it came.

The project started in 2000, after some gorse fires destroyed yet more sections of native bush.  A small group of people met to see if something could be done to stop it.  The Friends of Maara Roa grew from that.

Every year another cycle of work starts to clear gorse, to remove weeds, to plant saplings, to exterminate pests, and more.  It's gardening, but on a big scale.

Each year any number between 3000 - 5000 seedling trees are planted, plus ground cover plants and more plants along the stream.  Every year more areas of the hillsides are cleared of gorse and weeds.

The project will probably take 20 years in total to complete.  That's a few more tens of thousands of trees.  It's a pretty big job!

"A project for forest restoration and quiet recreation"

As with any garden, there are many different jobs to be done.  Some are just fiddly sit-down jobs.  Some require getting your boots on and doing some real hard work.  The rewards are the same as with any garden too, like when a little thing you planted in a cleared area starts looking like a real, healthy tree.

We're looking for all kinds of people for all kinds of work.  It isn't all physical stuff.  There's the simple job of making plant pots from cardboard milk cartons, for example.

It's all good, fun stuff, and in good company.  We can always use more people.  Are you interested?

Check out Diary of Dates and find out what we are currently doing.

If you want to be involved, go to the How to be Involved page.  Tick the box against the kind of help you want to give us and send it to us.  You don't have to join up before getting involved.

Check out who we are in About Us.  Find out what we do and have done in The Maara Roa Restoration Project.

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