Planting requires a plant and a hole.  The holes are either dug by Friends or people from the Porirua City Council Parks staff, or the members from Porirua Canoe and Kayak Club.  They use post-hole drills and do the job for us.  When we arrive there are the holes all ready done for us.  It makes planting so much easier!  Thanks, guys!

The plants are put into the ground in their cardboard pots, which will rot away.  This saves time and also protects the roots from damage during removal of the pot.  Each plant requires putting into the ground at the right height.  The part of the stem that is out of the soil must still be out of the soil, so it mustn't be put so deep that soil covers it.

Then a cardboard collar is put around it so that weeds won't grow up right next to it and choke it off from the light.  This will rot away in time and will not need to be removed.

Finally, a wire cage in the form of two up-turned U's is placed over the plant, and a plastic sleeve slid over these.  This plastic is sufficient to stop rabbits and hares from nibbling on the leaves and robbing it of its means to create food from the sunlight.  When the plant is older, and has lots of leaves above where the rabbits and hares can nibble, then the cage and sleeve are removed.

Volunteers and their planting days

See the efforts of our volunteers and their treeplanting.

Replacing Missing Species

Replacing Missing Species

Micro-site planting