Pest Plants

Convolvulus is a troublesome pest weed in the Cannons Creek Lake Reserve; it grows ravenously and can completely smother large plants and trees. Due to its roots and suckers, it has resisted every effort made annually to poison it. Here is some climbing up a stalk of flax and heading for the next tree.


Gorse needs to be continually cleared to enlarge the planting area. This is being done just beyond recently 
planted trees, into the worst area of thick young gorse which spang up after the big fires of 1997 and 2003.


The bush at Cannons Creek Valley has a wide selection of exotic pest weed plants.

Pre-eminent amongst these is gorse, which takes over open areas after farming ends or afer fire.  This and Old Man's Beard, Japanese Honeysuckle, convolvulus, and blackberry are a danger to native plants as they overwhelm them.

Sprayers are contracted by the Park to deal to these and the Friends report any pest plants they observe.

See some photos of gorse clearing to see what we are up against.

Protection Techniques