Letters: To The Editor - Our Waterways

Citylife | 26 June 2008


Your feature on the Porirua Stream (June 19 [2008] issue) alerts readers to the need to care for "our waterways", and it's good to know that at last there is some public interest in that stream and what brings it into the (Onepoto Arm of) Porirua Harbour - which is every bit as important to our environment as the more glamorous Pauatahanui Arm.

But what is happening to all the other streams that enter that harbour? every one of them has been hugely affected by development, ever since early settler times.

For example, how many people could identify which, after the Porirua Stream, is the next biggest waterway entering this harbour?

Which is the one currently experiencing a large urban development with notable stripping of topsoil and re-shaping of the landscape?

Which is the stream whose banks are being steadily eroded, for over 2km, resulting in major slips and the dumping of tonnes of rubble at the foot of the gorge, and silt up to a metre deep for the next 200m of the stream?

Which stream's course was shifted 100m sideways, piped for large distances, and forced to drop down high concrete steps, making it impossible for the eels and other fish who had lived in it, to survive?

Which waterway, right in a residential area, has a 6-metre high, 30-metre wide earth dam on it? - and an unmanaged one at that?

Who are the landowners around this waterway?

If your readers are interested to find out, there's a meeting which will include a discussion of this with Dr. Paul Blaschke, on Wednesday July 16 [2008], 7.30pm (discussion from 8.15pm) at Tawa Union Church, Elena Place, Tawa.  Just turn up and join in.

Sylvia Jenkin