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Maara Roa Track is open - 6 December 2014

Maara Roa track opening - 6 December 2014 [Source: GWRC]

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Belmont Regional Park has a new track.  The Maara Roa track was opened on Saturday 6th December 2014 by Sylvia Jenkin and Neil Bellingham, both long time advocates and hard workers improving the Cannons Creek catchment of Belmont Regional Park for many years.

The partnership between Greater Wellington and the Friends of Maara Roa to complete this track was celebrated at the Friends annual Christmas picnic which was attended by members old and new.  Cr Anita Baker from PCC, GWRC deputy chair Barbara Donaldson and Cr Jenny Brash as well as supporters who have had an association with the Friends of Maara Roa in the past all came to enjoy lunch at Cannons Creek Lakes Reserve following a walk up the new track.

The new track will lead to a fantastic vantage point to view the construction of Transmission Gully motorway.  Once the construction has finished it will be an important link from Cannons Creek to the rest of Belmont Regional Park.

The track also offers great views over the restoration work the Friends of Maara Roa have been doing for the past 15 years.  Fire destroyed large sections of this part of the park which lead to the formation of this group to replant the area and restore its glory.  They also carry out huge amounts of pest control work, trapping possum and removing pest plants.

The new track replaces the track that the group use to access the area every week which is aptly called the "gutbuster".  The walk in for them and everyone exploring this beautiful part of the region just got a whole lot easier.

Thanks Friends of Maara Roa, you are an amazing group of people who have worked tirelessly to improve the Cannons Creek catchment.  Residents of Greater Wellington will be forever grateful for your efforts.

[Source: GWRC website.]

Aotea College students help in the Nursery - 22 May 2014

This term, Year 9 students from Aotea College Outdoor Education Department are working in the Nursery with our own team.

Two classes are coming fortnightly, and are potting on shrubs and other plants that will be useful in the redevelopment of the College Grounds.

It is hoped that the work they do will contribute to their 'ownership' of the College environment and their understanding of the importance of conserving the bush in our community.

The students are bringing lots of energy and enthusiasm, and keeping our Nursery Team on their toes!

Though this article is not directly about the Maara Roa area, the proposed road would cut through Takapu Valley and connect with the new Transmission Gully highway.  So read on.

"Details of the proposed road from Petone to Grenada North have been revealed, promising motorists a quicker route but leaving residents in its path fuming."

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Creeky Valleys - GWRC Guided Walk - 25 January 2014

Well above Duck Creek, the group could see the Tasman Sea out beyond Whitby. (Jon Gabites)

Well above Duck Creek, the group could see the Tasman Sea out beyond Whitby.

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On a fine Saturday 25th January, 2014, Greater Wellington Parks' staff, Wayne Boness and Jon Gabites, led more than 30 people along the route through western Belmont Regional Park, where Transmission Gully Motorway is to be constructed from October THIS YEAR, 2014!  The Park will be changed forever!

"It was a great day," says Jon, "and everybody was genuinely interested and grateful for the information kindly shared by Andy and Wayne."

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