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Sale of Waitangirua Landcorp Farm - 2005

The news broke just before Christmas 2004 that the directors of Landcorp NZ Ltd had decided to sell off the Waitangirua Landcorp Farm.

This affected us because the 100ha Maara Roa area is not a public reserve, despite being in a "park", but is on Waitangirua Landcorp Farm.  So, the Maara Roa area was for sale, as part of the Farm.

However this crisis was also an opportunity, not only for the Friends of Maara Roa and the "Friends of Belmont Regional Park", but for the public of Wellington and Porirua cities to rise up and claim their recreational rights to the park from this side of the hills.  All of this (except one hilltop block) is Landcorp Farm, from Belmont Road to Takapu Road to behind Porirua Park - 1242 hectares, 35% of the Regional Park.  Everything we walk on in our summer walks programme and every place where we've dug a hole to plant a tree, or cleared weeds, or baited for possums, is Landcorp Farm.

At its first meeting of the year, the Committee faced all this, and decided as follows:

That in view of the sale of Landcorp Farm, the committee resolves that the Maara Roa area be placed into public ownership and gazetted as a Reserve; and we will inform the relevant public authorities of our resolve."

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Status of "Conservation Covenants" on former Landcorp Farm

Update: August 2007

When the farm passed into Greater Wellington Regional Council hands, the one-time "Conservation Covenants" covenanted to DOC no longer existed legally.

These "Conservation Covenants" covered over 80ha on the Farm.

The status of the whole of Belmont Regional Park is a "recreational reserve" with no extra protection for the conservation covenants.

This is a real worry since even buildings and roads can be constructed provided they can be defined as recreation.

Concerns have already been expressed by the "Friends of Belmont Regional Park" that there has been no consultation about the best status for the area that was formerly Landcorp Farm.

On publicly owned land, parks have a "Reserve" status usually of either "Recreational Reserve" or "Scenic Reserve".

The protections under "Scenic Reserve" status give similar recognition to native forests as "Conservation Covenants" do.

We have already urged Greater Wellington Regional Council to give all the farm's "Conservation Covenants" the status of "Scenic Reserve".  So far no progress.

Update: November 2008

Our submission to the Greater Wellington Regional Council asking that the "Conservation Covenants" on the Waitangirua Farm be made Scenic Reserves, was turned down.

The Council considers it sufficient that these surveyed areas remain on the land title.

We hope that the Terms of the Covenants will in future be upheld by the two parties: the Department of Conservation and Greater Wellington, who have now replaced Landcorp NZ Ltd.