Current Lobbying

Objectives of Lobbying

We engage in lobbying to try and divert threats to the Valley from others, or to encourage alternative actions from others which will benefit the Valley.

Our current concerns are:

Should you be able to help us with, or inform us about, current developments in the above concerns, please Contact Us.

Transmission Gully Motorway

Why we care

Building Transmission Gully Motorway will create damage to the upper part of Cannons Creek Valley, above Maara Roa.  Inevitably there will be problems caused during building.  Afterwards, we expect changes in drainage to cause problems with the supply of water to some parts of the bush, causing die-back.

The actual size of the land required is not known (as at mid-2010), nor when it will occur.  Funding for it was pledged by the Government on 15 December 2009.  A formal hearing of the applications for designation and resource consent for the whole project is expected in early 2011.  See Porirua City Council for more and up-to-date details.

See our Transmission Gully page for more information here.

What we would like to achieve

We want to be informed as to what exactly is to happen and when so that we can finalise our plans for the next few years.

Draining the "Lakes"

Why we care

The "Lakes" are at the bottom of the Valley, just above the road by the shopping centre.  They were designed by the Ministry of Works as siltation ponds, to hold the silt; earlier Parks managers used to dredge it out and use the sludge to build up the tracks on either side.  There is a large build-up there, and the reason for this is because the Porirua City Council Parks people think it's a good idea not to drain the ponds and dredge out the silt every few years.

Every time we get a fresh deluge, more silt comes down from the erosion further up, the water backs up higher and higher.  What used to be lake is now a swampy mess, but it is not real swamp as it lacks every aspect of a true swamp environment, flying insects, waterlife, and a wide variety of plantlife.

What we would like to achieve

We are currently engaged in a process of lobbying the authorities to attend to the whole catchment of the Creek in a properly managed way à la modern sustainable practice.

Previous Lobbying

See also our page on Previous Lobbying activities.