Kiekie sites and planting details - Micro-site

Kiekie need to be near mature forest trees in order to access the sunlight of the canopy.

They will be placed only where there is a suitable large tree, so that means they will likely be planted in a whole lot of different places.

Site 1 - Takapu Conservation Covenant

The first naturally growing kiekie known in the Cannons Creek valley was found growing on a tree in the Takapu Conservation Covenant by Andrew Jinks and Jeff Chapman in 2011.

Site 2 - Cannons Creek Conservation Covenant

Another naturally growing kiekie was found growing on the ground in the Cannons Creek Conservation Covenant late 2012.

Site 3 - Adjacent to the Cascade Wetland

The first kiekie to be planted was by grown by Andrew Jinks.  It was awarded to Paul Guiniven, Runner-up in the "Save the Maara Roa Nikau Competition" in 2012, when Paul located another, new nikau site.

Paul and Andy got to plant this kiekie (with its marker) under a large Pukatea, (Laurelia novae-zelandiae).