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How to Be Involved

Interested in helping?

Fill in the form below, and click on the button:

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Or, fill in the form, print off the webpage, and send it to us at:

Or, prefer to email or speak to someone, or don't like forms? 

Can anyone help?  Yes!

Yes, anyone can help! 

It's fun to help, there's lots to learn, and many ways to assist.

Groups can help too.

The form below is only asking you to show an expression of your interest, to give an indication of ways you may be able to help, and tell us how we can contact you.

For those who then decide to join the Friends of Maara Roa (Inc) society, there is a small annual subscription (and regular newsletters).

Send the completed form to us at:

Or, prefer to email or speak to someone? 

Website/General Enquiries Form:

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