Gorse Clearing


No! not a rabbit hole! A pre-dug hole makes for fast planting

No! not a rabbit hole!
A pre-dug hole makes for fast planting.
Porirua Canoe and Kayak Club members make it even easier for the volunteers, by using a post-hole digger (auger) to dig holes all over the proposed planting area.


Tree Planting - Bank of New Zealand Volunteers - 13 August 2009

This shows the conditions here:
gorse sprayed but not yet cleared, some still growing,
and tree lucerne growing (up on the right) as a shelter tree
to help the new native seedlings survive.
The tree lucerne was planted 2 years previously [2007].

Gorse clearing

One of our members starts spraying and clearing gorse in February each year, to prepare specific areas for the forthcoming winter plantings.

Gorse clearing

Gorse needs to be continually cleared to enlarge the planting area.
This is being done just beyond recently planted trees, into the worst area of thick young gorse which spang up after the big fires of 1997 and 2003.
This is typical of the "Green Firebreaks" planting plan instituted after the 2003 fire.