Adopt-a-Spot — involvement by 5 Primary Schools


Fully grown

Read the article in Kapi-Mana News, 21 June 2010:  Fully grown.

Schools 10th year Adopt-a-Spot celebrations - 10 June 2011

Porirua City Mayor, Nick Leggett

Porirua City Mayor,
Nick Leggett

Glenview School's Enviroschools Gold banner

Glenview School's Enviroschools Gold banner

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20 Dec 2010, DomPost :: School flies Green Gold flag with pride

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Schools' 10th year
Adopt-a-Spot celebration -
10 June 2011

Some of the gathering

Some of the gathering

'Adopt-A-Spot' is promoted by Keep Porirua Beautiful

'Adopt-A-Spot' is promoted by Keep Porirua Beautiful

See our photo gallery:
Schools' 10th year
Adopt-a-Spot celebration -
10 June 2011

To celebrate 10 years of planting by 5 local schools on sites they "adopted" in 2001 in the Cannons Creek Lakes Reserve, a crowd of about 200 people gathered at Glenview School, Porirua on the morning of 10 June 2011.

The 150 or more schoolchildren and their teachers, were joined by Friends of Maara Roa, Keep Porirua Beautiful members, Brandon Intermediate School representatives, Regional Councillors and staff, and Porirua City Mayor and City Parks staff.

Jeremy Anderson, Chair of Keep Porirua Beautiful got the formal proceedings underway.

"Adopt-A-Spot" is an ongoing concept promoted by Keep Porirua Beautiful, who worked with the Friends of Maara Roa to encourage and support the schools each year, as part of the Maara Roa forest restoration project.

The educational theme for this "Adopt-A-Spot" schools' programme was "Watch Your Trees Grow" – to show youngsters how the trees they plant grow each year, just as children do.

Close up of the engraved wooden plaque - 10 June 2011. Copyright: Sylvia Jenkin

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Porirua City Mayor, Nick Leggett, thanked the schools, on behalf of the City of Porirua, for planting trees each year for those ten years – a great effort!

Mayor Leggett then presented engraved wooden plaques to each of the schools.

The schools involved are those primary schools nearest to the Cannons Creek Lake Reserve: Cannons Creek, Glenview, Maraeroa, Russell and Windley.

After these presentations, the Mayor led a procession of the schools and visitors to view each site in turn, the schools bringing banners for the occasion.

This was followed by planting of the 10th-year trees at all the sites, and the visitors joined in planting as well.

In 2003, Maara Roa Friends donated a carved pou with the name of the school to stand on each site as a marker.

The cold winter’s morning concluded with a sausage sizzle and drinks provided by the Council, much appreciated by these energetic children and the visitors too.

The "Adopt-A-Spot" schools' programme is now officially ended, with two schools having filled their "Spots", but the remaining three are able to continue planting yearly with the direct support of the City Council Parks department.

For more / bigger images, see our photo gallery: Schools' 10th year Adopt-a-Spot celebration - 10 June 2011


Happy to Help! Cannons Creek School children planting on 10 June 2010

Happy to Help!  Cannons Creek School children get planting on their Adopt-A-Spot site, 10 June 2010.

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Adopt-A-Spot plantings - Cannons Creek School - 10 June 2010

The plantings planned for 10 and 11 June by the Primary Schools on their Adopt-A-Spot sites, ran into cold wet conditions.

But Cannons Creek School went ahead with plantings on their Adopt-A Spot site - for the 9th year!  They were helped by staff from Porirua City Council.

Pupils give park needed plant boost

Read the article in Kapi-Mana News, 1 June 2010:  Pupils give park needed plant boost.


Children from Cannons Creek School who came planting on 12 June 2009

Children from Cannons Creek School who came planting on 12 June 2009

Primary Schools' site plantings - 8-12 June 2009

Over 500 trees were planted during this week by children and teachers from Glenview, Maraeroa, Cannons Creek, Russell and Windley primary schools - the 5 nearest schools to Cannons Creek Reserve and valley.

Each school has its own adopted site.

The trees were donated by Keep Porirua Beautiful, and Porirua City Council sent experienced staff to assist them.

By a miracle, it did not rain on any of the groups at the time of their plantings - though it had rained almost all the rest of the week!

This is the eighth year the schools have done this - some have not managed to plant trees every year, but nevertheless all 5 sites now have substantial trees growing on them.

Their plantings beautify an area you may not have visited: all 5 sites can be found down an Entrance to the Park off Bedford Street, just two doors down from Glenview School entrance.

Some years ago we had 5 large Marker Poles (pou) carved, one for each site, with the school name carved into the pole to identify the school concerned.

Four of the pou are quite easily seen, but Glenview's is now well hidden among the first trees they planted.

The theme for the Adopt-A-Spot programme for these schools is, "Watch Your Trees Grow".

It is great to see how well all these trees have grown.

We hope the children can see that too, as they come year after year.


Porirua City Council staff prepare for plantings at Cannons Creek School's 'spot' - 2008.

Cannons Creek School's 'spot' - 2008. Porirua City Council staff partially dug each hole and placed the appropriate tree by it, ready for the children.

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"Keep Porirua Beautiful" Annual Report 30 June 2008

That report states:

"Four of the five primary schools involved in the scheme namely, Glenview, Cannons Creek, Maraeroa and Windley took part this year.  Tina Mullins once again assisted us by not only having the sites prepared by Council staff but also supplied 250 shrubs. 

"In the words of Sylvia Jenkin of Maara Roa, 'thanks so much for the work the men did, not only had they started all the holes for the trees, laid the right trees out for the sites, put spades ready for the kids and showed them how to plant, but they worked nicely with the children.' 

"Keep Porirua Beautiful is indebted to Tina and her staff for this assistance."

The result was: trees planted, kids happy and teachers pleased!


Cannons Creek School students planting trees, June 2008

Cannons Creek School students planting trees, June 2008

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Maraeroa School students planting trees, June 2008

Maraeroa School students planting trees, June 2008

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  • Cannons Creek School planted 45 trees,
  • Maraeroa School planted 65 trees,
  • Glenview School planted 100 trees divided fairly evenly between their site and the school grounds, and
  • Windley School planted 25 trees

The sites are beginning to look particularly good now in this 7th year of planting.

Back in 2004 the carved marker poles (pou) were placed among tiny trees; now they are hidden from view.

"Keep Porirua Beautiful" helped the schools move their poles.

Last year Windley School decorated their pole so that it can be seen clearly from the other side of the school.



With only two schools planting on their sites last year, the five principals were consulted, and with help from Tina Mullins (the Horticultural Officer for "Keep Porirua Beautiful" and Porirua City Council) it was made easier for the schools to try again.

Cannons Creek, Glenview and Russell Schools all undertook "Water Quality" studies in the Cannons Creek Stream, under the guidance of the Greater Wellington Regional Council staff.



These went ahead in early June.

8 June 2005, Porirua City News :: Nuts for Nature

Nuts for Nature: Tipene Wiparatu (9), Nikita Pereira (10) and Juliana Alosio (10) from Glenview School, are at the spot which students make sure they keep clean and green each year.

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Porirua City News, 15 June 2005: The seeds of change

Cannons Creek School students were busy planting trees at their adopt-a-spot site on Arbor Day, Laugaia Akerise (9) is pictured showing off her green fingers.

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Glenview School's efforts were featured on the front page of Porirua City News, 8 June 2005.

Cannons Creek School students busy planting trees on their Adopt-a-Spot site on Arbor Day, were mentioned in the Porirua City News, 15 June 2005.


Adopt-a-Spot marker pole (Pou) used by schools - 'Keep Porirua Beautiful' Annual Report 30 June 2008

Adopt-a-Spot marker pole (pou) used by schools (Source: 'Keep Porirua Beautiful' Annual Report 30 June 2008)

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"Adopt-a-Spot" marker poles (pou) for the schools

The "Adopt-a-Spot" marker poles (pou) for the schools were installed by July 2004.

These poles have been carved with each school's name and will give recognition to their work.

We thank Jim Wiki for the carving, and the Porirua City Council Community Development Grants and Mana Grants Foundation (Porirua Licensing Trust) for supporting this work.


Introduction of "Adopt-a-Spot"

In 2001 the Friends of Maara Roa and "Keep Porirua Beautiful" invited the 5 nearest Primary Schools to select an area in the Cannons Creek Lakes Reserve, to "Adopt" a site to plant with native trees.

The sites were all near the residential areas and easy of access for the children.

The period of "adoption" was set at ten years, and the educational theme is, "Watch Your Trees Grow".  The students can return to see the progress of the trees from year to year, and their teachers can build on the knowledge thus gained by the children, linking it to other studies.

This "Adopt-a-Spot" work is in addition to the schools' participation in other local conservation work, such as Arbor Day, stream care studies, and planting in their own school grounds.

As this part of Belmont Regional Park is owned and managed by Porirua City Council, the seedling trees are provided by Porirua City Council nursery, and their workers make the sites ready for the yearly plantings.