The Friends of Maara Roa in Cannons Creek, Belmont Regional Park, invite you to Adopt-a-Spot.

It's a way for your organisation to create your own native forest fragment in the Belmont Regional Park.

Plant your own garden of native trees, then tend them for a minimum of three years.

Who can Adopt?

Your business, your church, your community group or your school.

How do you Adopt?

  • You pick a site in the restoration area
    (there are lots more sites available, especially in the Cannons Creek Lakes Reserve)
  • Choose the size of the area you want
  • Commit to caring for it for a minimum of 3 years
  • Put up your own special sign

What do you do then?

  • Plant seedling trees — the Friends will supply these free.
  • Each year, visit 3 times or more.
    • In winter you plant your trees.
    • In spring you clear weeds from around your trees.
    • In autumn you check your trees and prepare more of your site for the next planting.
  • The Friends will guide you if you need help with the care.

What are the benefits?

  • You are restoring the forest cloak of Papatuanuku right where you live.
  • You bring more mature native trees and birds to the Park.
  • You are showing that small organisations can do their bit to restore the forest.
  • You are encouraging others to do likewise.
Adopt-a-Spot programme organised by Friends of Maara Roa:  Spades at the ready!

Spades at the ready!

[Schools' involvement]

Who is already involved?

In 2001, each of the 5 nearest Primary Schools selected and "adopted" an area in the Cannons Creek Lakes Reserve to plant with native trees.

See the schools' "Adopt-a-Spot" efforts, press publicity and photos.

Thinking of adopting?

Email:  .

Our Adopt-a-Spot brochure provides the above information should you wish to print it.